Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jeppy's Ragtag Gang (Pilot Episode)

As he walked outside he noticed the sky was blue, and raised his shoulders slightly and said “hm.”  But was it so unusual that the sky was blue?  When it was not covered by clouds that’s indeed the color it seemed to most often be.  

He walked into the woods and met up with his gang.  Billy was there, the one who had long blonde hair that was parted in the middle, the one who looked a bit like Christian Slater.  Tim, oh yes, he was there, also.  Tim looked like Drew Carey; in other words, his hair was also blond but shorter and on top of that he was fat, although I’ve heard Drew Carey has lost a lot of weight, so try and imagine him as he once was (and always will be, in my mind).  

Yes, it was a gang of three.  But really, when it came to men such as these, three was more than enough.  More than enough to take to the woods and intimidate the other neighborhood gangs.  Some of these other gangs had upwards of six kids, but Jeppy - that was his name - and his gang of three were in their 30s, and much smarter, anyway.

It started this way:  Jeppy felt that his job was meaningless, and not just his job, but his entire way of life.  The funny thing was that he actually really liked his job.  He had been a consultant and made lots of money and felt like he was improving organizations and he felt like he was really good at it.  But then one day he realized: it was meaningless.  And so he did what any young man would do when he truly, really realized the bankruptcy of his existence, which is to say, he moved back home and started playing in the woods.

The first time he entered the woods, it was strange. As a kid, as a young fellow, he had played in the woods quite a lot. As he approached the threshold, the boundary between the outside world of meaninglessness and the world inside the woods, his heart pounded. He felt afraid to cross through. He looked around but no one was there. He heart pounded harder, and for a moment he thought he wouldn't have the courage to do it. Finally, he took a breath and jumped in.

To be continued...